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Welcome to our Corporate Escape Zone! 

Get ready to redefine your work break with our revolutionary ‘Isha Style Corporate Yoga Retreat’.

Step into a world where stress takes a backseat and zen becomes the new norm. Our retreat isn’t just about stretching and team games; it’s a curated journey for modern professionals seeking balance and rejuvenation.

Embrace the Isha Yoga magic—a fusion of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge practices. Picture yourself mastering postures, diving deep into mindful breathing, and unlocking the power of meditation, all curated by the visionary Sadhguru and the esteemed Isha Foundation.

But wait, it gets better! Say hello to a wellness retreat that’s not just about the body but also the soul. Expect inner awakenings, stress-busting secrets, and tools to ace the corporate hustle—all while embracing the soulful ethos of Isha Foundation’s yoga practices.

Join us in this immersive experience where work-life balance isn’t just a catchphrase—it’s a lifestyle we’ll help you master. Your journey towards a vibrant, harmonious work life starts here!

Why Dive into Corporate Yoga the Isha Way?

Unlock the Secrets to Thriving in Today's Corporate Hustle!

In the fast-paced corporate world, stress is the arch-nemesis. Enter Isha Yoga: a powerhouse of techniques and tools, offering an antidote to the overwhelming pressure cooker. Discover tranquility amidst chaos, thanks to the transformative Isha approach, nurturing mental clarity and cultivating inner peace.

It’s more than just a paycheck—employee well-being is the heartbeat of a successful company. Our corporate yoga programs, meticulously crafted by Yore Yoga’s Isha-certified teachers, transcend mere physical exercises. We’re talking holistic wellness: mind, body, and soul. Energize your team, boost morale, and watch productivity soar!

Get ready for a wellness revolution! Yore Yoga’s certified Isha Hatha Yoga teachers bring a treasure trove of health benefits. Dive into improved flexibility, amped-up strength, and a picture-perfect posture. But that’s not all! Say hello to boosted immunity and an all-around healthy YOU through practices like pranayama and meditation.

In the realm of corporate yoga, unity isn’t just a word; it’s a bond forged on the yoga mat. Picture this: shared experiences, synchronized breaths, and deeper connections. Yore Yoga’s corporate sessions or retreats aren’t just about yoga poses; they’re about creating a tapestry of collaboration and communication.

The secret sauce to skyrocketing productivity? It’s Isha Yoga’s finesse! Dive into sharper focus, heightened creativity, and laser-sharp concentration. The Isha way doesn’t just enhance mental clarity; it turbocharges your work mojo!

At Yore Yoga, we’re not just teaching yoga; we’re empowering lives! Our Isha Hatha Yoga teachers are all about a holistic approach—beyond the body, delving into the mind and energy. Dive into Sadhguru’s teachings, blending yoga postures, pranayama, and meditation to craft resilience, emotional equilibrium, and that elusive inner calm.

Companies rave about Yore Yoga Retreats for their structured and impactful Isha Hatha Yoga programs. It’s a match made in corporate heaven, aligning with objectives to bolster employee health, slash stress, and forge an army of wellness warriors ready to conquer the corporate cosmos.


  • Stress Reduction

  • Improved Employee Well-being

  • Increased Productivity and Focus

  • Enhanced Team Dynamics

  • Boosted Morale and Job Satisfaction

  • Reduced Healthcare Costs

  • Attraction and Retention of Talent

  • Personal Development and Growth

  • Cultivation of a Positive Work Culture


  • Stress Reduction

  • Improved Physical Health

  • Enhanced Mental Clarity and Focus

  • Increased Energy Levels

  • Better Emotional Balance

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Improved Relationships with group sessions

  • Enhanced Self-awareness and Mindfulness

  • Reduced Physical Discomfort.

  • Boosted Confidence and Creativity

Picture a workplace where wellness isn’t a perk but a way of life! At the heart of corporate yoga lies a holistic oasis—an Isha Hatha Yoga retreat. This isn’t just about office dynamics; it’s about life-changing journeys for employees. Brace yourselves for a workplace renaissance—where productivity meets passion and individuals flourish, transforming not just the company but every life it touches. Step into the realm of Isha Hatha Yoga; it’s not just a retreat; it’s a revolution!


How can you book
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Unlocking the Experience

Select the Ideal Time

Tailor the retreat to fit your company’s schedule—pick weekends or weekdays that suit your team best.

Build Your Team

Choose a team of up to 15 members ready to embark on this transformative journey.

Customized Catering

Inform us about any dietary restrictions your team may have.

Seamless Travel

Need assistance getting to Wayanad? We’ve got your travel needs covered.

Tailored Executive Sessions

Exclusive sessions catered specifically for high-ranking executives, addressing their individual body needs.

Daily Yoga & Engaging Activities

Dive into two invigorating yoga sessions every day complemented by team-building exercises and mindfulness sessions, all conducted in English.

Explore and Unwind

Discover nearby attractions and enjoy fun-filled activities as part of your package.

Tailored Accommodations

Accommodations will be personalized to suit your team’s requirements.

Recurring Opportunities

xperience our Hatha Yoga retreats quarterly, biannually, or annually. Additionally, we offer guided follow-up sessions upon request, ensuring a continuous journey of practice beyond the retreat.


YoreYoga  was set up in 2014 to reach as many people to transform then towards a better physical material spirtiual well-being.

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I became calmer and more composed, and towards the end, if felt wonderful tranquility and happiness.

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Stress levels have come down. My digestion has improved, my sleep and appetite have improved.

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The program is both physically and mentally Energizing and hence I am not surprised that I Have done this program more than once with Sowmya akka and will be happy to repeat this Program in the future.

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