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Nestled amidst verdant greenery

In the Heart of Wayanad


We want as many people as possible to come and enjoy Wayanad, its people, and its hospitality. We are conscious that our objective can be maximised if we open our doors so others can use our place to offer their art, craft, skillset, and any other valuable engagement. Therefore, Yore Yoga’s Paithrukam shall remain open for complementary and non-complementary objectives.

Photography/ Shooting/ Content Protection

IYou are a start-up, entrepreneur, creator, or influencer looking for the next ideal location to add sheen to your craft and carve out a niche for itself. We can accommodate your guests, crew, and participants with the much-needed privacy but with individual attention for a comfortable stay and a wholesome expereince.

Music / Dance/ Drama and Rehearsals

Do your rehearsals at the comfort of Paithrukam.. Paithrukam  is equipped , so your time with us is spent only focussing on bringing out your innate skills and not worrying about up linking, storage, and other technology-related titbits. Consider the place yours to teach, practice, and engage before your next big event or program.

Other art and craft such as Pottery and Painting

Your creative side will be stimulated by Wayanad and Paithrukam. We will make sure your needs are attended to. Just bring a pair of your Pyjamas and your slip-ons.


Other Schools. Bring your participants and teach them your style. We will take care of the logistics, boarding and lodging, site-seeing, etc.,


While Hata yoga and Kalari shall remain our priority, we will do our best to accommodate your needs and schedules. We want any collaboration project to be discussed three months before your scheduled date/ arrival at Paithrukam.



We will offer a 20% discount on our regular rates. Further reduction will depend on the peak or off-peak season, your exact requirement, the total number of participants etc.