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21 Days Hatha Yoga Retreat

2087 $

Occupancy Single Double Triple
Regular Price (US$ / Person) 152 $ 111 $ 96 $
Inaugral Offer (US$ / Person) 100 $ 80 $ 73 $
S.No Start Date Last Date
1 29-11-2024 (29 Nov) 19-05-2024 (19 Dec)
  • 50% Discount on Room Rates as Inaugural Offer
  • Rates are per person for the entire Program and inclusive of all taxes.
  • Rates include discounted room rent, food, and others (refer description below)
  • Double and Triple Occupancy is allowed only for a family group
  • Rates do not include pick-up or drop-off. We can arrange 3rd party operated services on request
  • In case you are booked in Bhavanam (3rd party operated) we will arrange the pick-up and drop-off to and from Paithrukam at our cost.
  • All major classical hatha yoga practices (daily sessions)
  • Kalari practices (daily sessions)
  • Meditations (daily session)
  • Yogic perspective on food
  • Pranayama and Nada yoga
  • Two therapeutic massages
  • Organic food and preparation
  • Farm experience
  • Wayanad outings
Check-in: 12 pm


An ultimate transformative program. This program is offered as a course correction of your lifestyle, habits, and your health chart. While this is an intense program, we will gradually prepare your body and mind to accept the intensity as we move forward. At the halfway point, you will accept that there is a marked improvement in your physical capabilities and be ready to see through the rest and more. A challenge worth taking for those willing to spend the time. We will teach major classical hatha yoga practices and correct your postures, so you set yoga in your routine with the required ease.

  1. All major classical hatha yoga practices (daily sessions)
  2. Kalari practices (daily sessions)
  3. Meditations (daily session)
  4. Yogic perspective on food
  5. Pranayama and Nada yoga
  6. Two therapeutic massages
  7. Organic food and preparation
  8. Farm experience
  9. Wayanad outings

Many more…..

Intensity Level:  Moderate to High

Meant for Moderate to High physical fitness

Duration – 21 days (register before 12 noon)

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Single, Double, Triple


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