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Children Yoga Bliss Retreat

Occupancy Single Double Triple
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  • 50% Discount on Room Rates as Inaugural Offer
  • Rates are per person for the entire Program and inclusive of all taxes.
  • Rates include discounted room rent, food, and others (refer description below)
  • Double and Triple Occupancy is allowed only for a family group
  • Rates do not include pick-up or drop-off. We can arrange 3rd party operated services on request
  • In case you are booked in Bhavanam (3rd party operated) we will arrange the pick-up and drop-off to and from Paithrukam at our cost.
  • Yoga designed for children (Daily sessions)
  • Eye-care practices (Daily sessions)
  • Kalari (Daily sessions)
  • Two horse riding sessions


Designed to introduce holistic well-being for ages 7 years onwards, We will design programs to keep them busy throughout the day without their gadgets. Your child will spend most of their day in nature thereby appreciating the pleasures in natural settings and how to minimise or avoid electronics and gadgets. The program is fun-oriented keeping the kids engaged in various activities throughout the day. They will learn critical aspects of life such as responsibility, sharing and caring, mindful eating, and health is wealth..

  1. Yoga designed for children (Daily sessions)
  2. Eye-care practices (Daily sessions)
  3. Kalari (Daily sessions)
  4. Two horse riding sessions
  5. Campfire if weather permits
  6. Fun activities and Games
  7. Pottery sessions
  8. Music and dance
  9. Farming experience

Intensity Level:  Low to Moderate

Meant for: Children between 7 years to 14 years

Duration – 5 days / 10 days/ 21 days

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Single, Double, Triple


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